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Minimally invasive (endoscopic) gynaecological operations

In our field, minimally invasive (endoscopic) gynaecological surgical techniques, also known as “keyhole surgery” have replaced the classical operation through abdominal incision to a large extent. In our high tech centre with surgeons who have already done thousands of these surgeries themselves and are contributing to the development and spread of this technique, we offer the complete range of surgeries at a certified quality. .

Advantages for our patients: • less impairment by side-effects • significantly less pain after the operation • shorter inpatient stay • faster recovery (work, sports) • better aesthetic results.

Whenever it is possible, we strive to provide organ-preserving therapy. Due to the gentle, less stressful procedure, the time of recovery is short, the pain is low, and the aesthetic results are excellent.

You can find further information on endoscopic operations at: www.agendoskopie.de/patientinnen.

Die kollegiale, von gegenseitiger Wertschätzung geprägte Zusammenarbeit mit den Frauenärzten Ihres Vertrauens ist  uns dabei ein ganz besonderes Anliegen.